Remember when rock and roll took you on a journey? There was a time when lyrics and guitars spoke directly to your soul. Let Silverseed take you there once again!

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The music is powerful and cool and inspired. -TAMI SIMON (Sounds True) 

Great lyrics and positive intention. Nice guitar hooks, and tons of fat harmonies. -CRAIG MINOWA (Cloud Cult)

A solid record with tons of beautiful guitar work. -KENNY RARDIN (Guitar Whisperer)

Silverseed takes on the power structure of the new world order with sophomore release “The Hidden Hand”. The music unveils the intentions of our malevolent leaders. But, as always, music, art and love triumph! Get ready to have your heart blown wide open with guitars and rock and roll passion. Silverseed may be the end of your search for music with substance, depth and power! .


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